Notes on my business – 2018 change

Firstly, Happy New Year!

I’ve not made a ton of new year resolutions or any really for that matter, but I have made a few promises to myself for the year ahead. To make stick to these promises and keep them at the fore front of my mindI wanted to put them down in black and white (hence this blog post).

My main promise to myself this year, is to be more me and not get distracted by what everyone else is doing. We are nearing the end of the first week in January and my inbox and social media feeds have been full of ‘are you smashing 2018?’, you should be doing this that and the other. I really loved a newsletter from a coach I have worked with, Lola Hoad, where the theme was ‘You are enough’. So this is one of the promises I am taking into 2018, to just be me and not to be constantly comparing myself to other web designers, branding designs, mums etc..

Another promise is to be more visible in the real world as well as online, bloody scary as I’m not an outgoing type of person, but I want to continue to grow my business, make building business friendships and working with other women (like myself) who are out there doing it themselves. Working for yourself can be quite solitary and combact this, networking is definately going to be a big part of 2018, gulp!

My final promise, is getting help. In a bid to get my business finances in order and easily see what I am making, or not making, accurately I am going to work with someone to help me with my bookkeeping through FreeAgent* and tax/costs advice.



A sustainable business

This is a massive one for me this year. I truely love what I do and want to continue to do it. Any money I make has a huge impact on our lifestyle as a family, therefore my business needs to be sustainable long term.

I have been designing and developing websites for 10 years and running my own business for 7. I have built up my skills and a great deal of business knowledge along the way and so this year I am updating my pricing to reflect this. What I offer is more than just a pretty website, it is strategy advice, SEO knowledge, business advice and getting the most out of your business online.

This year I’m going to start a sideline business, DIY My Business, where I will sell WordPress templates I have designed/developed and premade logos which can be customised for those on a smaller budget and are happy to do it themselves – I’ve not got it all figured out yet so I’l keep you posted when this goes live ;)

So what are your plans for 2018?


I hope you have a successful year, however success is for you. I’m really looking forward to letting go of having to have or do all the things and just concentrating on giving the best service and strategic designs to my clients.

Of course, if your business is in need of branding and/or a website for a refresh for 2018, then lets have a chat and see if I can help ;)

* affliate link, I only recommend what I use in my own business.

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